A Year Full of Drama

Aasta täis draamat (2019)

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Small town girl from a minority family wins a job to watch every Estonian theatre show from 2018 – over 200 performances in 365 days. What will become her?

Estonia is crazy about theatre. In October 2017 there's an announcement for a paid position to find someone who has never been to theatre before. The task – to watch and review every Estonian theatre production of 2018.

From 450 job applicants 21-year-old small town girl Alissija is hired. Coming from the Estonian periphery and a Russian-speaking family, she knows nothing about Estonian performing arts, actors, nor has ever been to any of the theatre houses. To make the job logistically possible, she has to move to the capital of Tallinn.

Months pass and there are shows that inspire and many more that despair. There's the spring premiere madness as she watches 21 shows in 20 days, the summer travelling madness when theatre venues pop up in every corner of Estonia and the December madness with Christmas shows for kids.

With over 200 shows to see, “A Year Full of Drama” tests the human limit of consuming culture. Through the story of Alissija we discover anew the miracle, pain and paradox that is culture.

Director: Marta Pulk

Idea: Henrik Kalmet, Paavo Piik, Paul Piik

Running time

1h 46 min


Under 12 Not Recommended

Production Company

Apollo Film Productions OÜ


Ettevaatlik Sten OÜ

Running time: 1h 46 min

Rating: Under 12 Not Recommended

Production Company: Apollo Film Productions OÜ

Studio: Ettevaatlik Sten OÜ



Genres: Documentary