Endings, Beginnings


Release Date

In present day Los Angeles, Daphne (Woodley), a thirty something woman, navigates love and heartbreak over the course of one year. Daphne becomes intertwined with friends Jack (Dornan) and Frank (Stan) after meeting them at a party. During that time, she will unlock the secrets to her life in a sudden turn of events and in the most surprising of places.

Director: Drake Doremus

Writers: Drake Doremus, Jardine Libaire

Starring: Shailene Woodley, Jaime Dornan, Sebastian Stan

Running time

1h 50 min


Under 12 Not Allowed

Production Company

CJ Entertainment


Estonian Theatrical Distribution OÜ

Running time: 1h 50 min

Rating: Under 12 Not Allowed

Production Company: CJ Entertainment

Studio: Estonian Theatrical Distribution OÜ



Genres: Drama