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DaliLand is both a coming of age story and a searing, funny and sympathetic portrait of crisis in the late life of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. The year is 1974, the location is New York, where the 70-year-old surrealist Salvador Dali lives a few months each year at the St Regis Hotel along with his wife and muse, the fierce and volatile Gala Dali. James Linton is a young gallery assistant to whom Dali takes a shine and who he brings into his private world to assist him as he prepares for his new show.

It is through the eyes of James that we adventure into DaliLand.

Thrilled to be invited into this glamorous new world, James also hopes that in assisting the legendary painter he might learn some truths about the nature of art. Though James is hugely inspired and awed by Dali, he also finds the aging artist to be surprisingly vulnerable, terrified by death, his work of fashion, and his marriage of nearly fifty years in crisis as his wife, Gala, has become infatuated with a rising actor in his twenties. In the end, James discovers many truths: not about art, but about the complex, flawed, and deeply human man behind the brilliant paintings, wild theatrics, and iconic moustache.

For Dali New York was a party. As James follows the artist through the glittering arcade of his social life, we see Dali the performer and provocateur. With his young muse, the gorgeous transgender Amanda Lear by his side, the 70-year-old Dali still lives on the cutting edge...

Running time

1h 44 min


Under 14 Not Allowed

Production Company

Zephyr Films



Running time: 1h 44 min

Rating: Under 14 Not Allowed

Production Company: Zephyr Films

Studio: OTHER



Genres: Drama